Poverty is an exact condition of Crime

There is an old saying that Crime Follows Poverty and both shares a true intimate relationship. Crimes have different motivations indeed but let’s narrow down the perspective of crime to poverty only for time being and leave terrorism and political reasons for next time.

Poor People India
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I am not saying crime doesn’t happen in richer class as we have an example of Sheena Bora murder but poverty has its true reasons. Every day when I begin to read newspaper, there is always 3-6 crime news flashing within few pages. To me it has all started looking same except the changes in character, location etc. but motivations seems common. We have seen the worst of crimes that shocked us for the 1st time and depressed us internally, was tough to imagine. We saw Nirbhaya who was bleed to death and now we have seen women and child crimes in other parts of world. What worst can it be?

So crimes seems to have achieved most of its possibilities we could ever imagine be it either a man who caught having killed his wife (5th wife) conspiring with robbers or a little 9 year boy head crushed and body found in dump yard or a little 14 year old girl reaching police station with an aborted fetus, there is nothing worst and shocking now as we have seen worst of worst.

But today I realized one more perspective of crime and i.e. in a country like India having 1/6th of the world population of whom 70% is poor, crime is also an exact opportunity of poverty or we can say poverty is an exact condition of crime, both are lovers.

First getting born in a Poor family hits you from all sides be it resources, education, vision, confidence etc. And then it gives you so many Crime-Prone situations be it unchangeable living conditions, jealous neighbors, exposed home, lack of financial security, lack of personal resources to entertain, lot of stress to pay bills and lack of spirits to get more. Your life ends up in meeting basic necessities and fighting every day for survival and space.

Imagine a person well secured socially and don’t have to bother for Health, Home, Education can easily follow up his dreams vs. a person who is born loser by luck and have to get it all at first place.

I know there are various other influencing factors for crime but what I mentioned is also one perspective and not a general rule to stop crime.  European nations have got this basic securities by government and people are better relaxed.

In India, both ‘Haves’ and ‘Haves not’ work together and watch each other every day, while the one is buying a new car and planning for a good vacation and dinner, the other is disappointed or frustrated on why he is missing it and has no reasons to have it sooner or later. The affluent is either humiliating the poor or the poor is feeling humiliated and full of unhappiness by seeing achievers. What’s the solution for unprivileged? How easy for them to accept reality and how many knows the path of living happily and honestly in true acceptance and modesty?

Let me end my article with OSHO words above Rich and Poor –

“Boredom is a Rich Man’s Privilege as you need to have a life and money to get fed up with it with many entertainments and time for all of them as movies, travel, hobbies, museums, meditation etc. A poor only entertainment is sex”


Free Music Education Activity Sangam Vihar Delhi

We are now regularly conducting ‘Crime Prevention Program’ spreading Free Music Education to at-risk youth

Guitarmonk Social

Carrying on with our annual activities on free music education for poor, here are our updates on this month activity at Sangam Vihar, Delhi.

Free Music Education for Poor Guitarmonk
As we always mentioned that  vulnerability of the youth makes them an easy target and be lured to crime, abuses and violence. Read More on Crime Prevention through music>> Guitarmonk Social is committed to contribute as much as it can via free music education, music instruments support.

Free Music Education Rohini Guitarmonk

In Delhi, we are conducting free music education activities regularly at Sangam Vihar and Rohini. Last years we conducted these activities at South Delhi branch and orphanage. Our motto and philosophy behind such initiatives is creative channelization of young energy, providing them with resources, platforms, facility in form of teachers, instruments, space and draw their attention towards creative activities. Read more >>

Music Charity Guitarmonk Social

DONATE FOR THE CAUSE – You can also contribute to our cause by donating Rs. 3000/student as education program cost…

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Recorded my new guitar tune on Lohri today


Happy Lohri Festival to all people in India and across Globe. Today was a good recording day, despite it was an ODD numbered day (i.e.only odd number cars can run in New Delhi on odd dates, due to pollution). And I had to leave back my car at home, carrying all instruments via cabs.

Guitarist Kapil Recording Delhi India

And the happy moment came when I finished my all parts of guitar for this music including Bass Guitar.

This tune has only guitar and no other instruments. Will share you its video very soon.

Guitarist Kapil Guitar Recording

Kapil recording guitar at studio

Guitar Player Kapil Delhi NCR

India’s best guitarists, teachers rocks Hyderabad

India best guitarists, teachers Hyderabad

Delighted to share with you that India’s best guitarists, teachers rocks Hyderabad with its new guitarmonk schools serving guitar classes at diversified locations for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

Milestone of 7500+ students from 18+ countries. Prevalence in 8 cities.

Guitarmonk’s founder and India’s top Guitarist/Mentor/Teacher Kapil Srivastava cited that

In order to have a good guitar learning, it is very important that we should always stabilize and support good guitar teachers with good remunerations. Many sincere guitar learners only prefers to have quality guitar teaching/teachers rather just time pass activities and that is where Guitarmonk’s role comes into play by giving them constructive and scientific guitar coaching programs.

Currently Guitarists/Teachers are offering only 4 batches and the student’s entry is on a first come first served basis considering fixed seats per batch.

For any further related to guitar classes in Hyderabad/program details/fee structure and other attributes/logistics contact here >> or directly email at contact@guitarmonk.com

Also watch our online guitar channel >>

Classical-Plectrum Guitar Fusion & Course Launch


Kapil Srivastava, the top guitarist of India, with the launch of its fusion Plectrum-Classical Guitar, a special classical guitar course is also introduced.

He is a multi-talented artist, music author, composer, and also regarded as the “Guitarmonk of India,” was recently nominated as the Chairman of National Committee (Arts & Culture) for SAF, a leading government associate for Skill, Health & Empowerment. The brain behind Guitarmonk’s success as the first formal guitar education institute that tailored a curriculum catering to the needs of music learners and players not only in India but across the globe.

Guitarmonk’s Seasons Classical Guitar Fusion Series presents the orchestration of Plectrum (Steel Strings) and Finger-picking (Nylon Strings) Guitar. This combination is rarely played and yet it was expertly blended by Master Guitarist Kapil Srivastava. Improvising on the different octaves and styles on the plectrum guitar as backed by chords added  more depth to the music creation.

From the trio video compilation, Greensleeves will be the first music video to be released this Christmas 2015. A popular traditional English folk song and tune that can be traced in several late-16th and early 17th-century manuscripts like Ballet’s MS Lute Book and Het Luitboek van Thysius that are preserved at the University of Cambridge.

Listen to timeless and well-loved Season tunes at www.gmtunetime.com or visit www.guitarmonk.com for more information.