Kalpvriksha in Delhi – Divine Magic Tree in Hindu Mythology


Today I was passing through North Delhi with my friend Sanjay. He is a regular mover in this area and he reminded me of a ‘magic tree’ at Nirankari Colony near Mukherjee Nagar.

Magic Tree also known as ‘Kalpvriksha’, is a wish-fulfilling divine tree in Hindu mythology.  And I told him let’s see it.

We went there and saw lot of people here with faith for this kalpvriksha. We sat there for some time and I also took this small video to share with you.



Mall of India, Noida – India’s 1st and largest destination mall


A lot of branding and advertisement was done for this Mall and finally it got launched. Today I was there at Noida so thought to pass through this DLF Mall of India.

Just took a snippet to share you.

It’s new and bright mall. And yes it is very large from inside. So if you visiting Noida and looking for some lavish spot. Go and have fun here.

Travel Delhi – India Gate at Rajpath 2016

The India Gate is my favorite place due to a many reasons. The one is that we have done some great performance here long ago and 2nd that because it is  in Delhi, we take it by granted while most of the visitors here are from Non Delhi states.

India Gate Rajpath New Delhi

This is a war memorial to 82,000 soldiers of the undivided Indian Army who died in the period 1914–21 in the First World War. It is located astride Rajpath in Central Delhi.

India Gate Travel Delhi

One of my friends wanted me to meet there so I went again and took clips for my blog followers. If you ever visit Delhi, you can pass by this place and it won’t take your 30 minutes to enjoy the life here.

Photography - Life and People India Delhi

Travel India New Delhi India Gate

Birla Mandir Temple in New Delhi, India


Yesterday I was doing a Guitar recording nearby Central Delhi as such happened to visit Birla Mandir after a long time once again.The temple is one of the famous historical places of Delhi.

Birla Mandir New Delhi Travel

Birla Mandir (Birla Temple) refers to different Hindu temples or Mandirs built by the Birla family, in different cities of India.

Birla Temple Central Delhi India

Birla Temple of Delhi a.k.a Laxminarayan Temple, was constructed in year 1939, is a Hindu temple dedicated to laxminarayan in Delhi, India. Laxminaraya is lord Vishnu, preserver in Trimurti, also known as Narayan, when he is with his consort Lakshmi.

Birla Mandir Temple in Delhi India

All these temples are magnificently built, with beautiful architecture in white marble or in sandstone. Birla temples are located in a prominent locations and cities of India, carefully designed to accommodate a large number of visitors.

Travel Birla Temple New Delhi India

Awesome Food at Pacific Mall, Anand Vihar

Well this is one of the hidden malls most of Delhi residents would never prefer to visit considering its location at the outskirts of Delhi i.e. Anand Vihar. But pacific mall is worth a facility to roam around and among the best food courts than any other malls of Delhi.

You can go to the best located malls of Delhi as in Raja Garden etc. but the food court will be disappointing in most of the malls but Pacific Mall food court is an exception. I say it with full responsibility that it is comparatively among top 3 as compared to any other malls of Delhi-NCR be it Shipra Mall. I mean it when I am making this statement. This Mall may not be counted in Delhi List due to its poor location but it is one of the best taste, variety food courts you will find in Malls. If it comes to eating at a food court in a mall, I will definitely say let’s go PACIFIC MALL.

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I have been eating here on and off for last 5 years now and so far I am satisfied with the taste and quality of brands. I never mind taking my family for a lunch here which I hardly do at any other malls of Delhi. One more reason is that most of food joints at this food court are stable since last many years as Fastrax, Pizza hut, Bikano besides some other good taste restaurants as Lucknow Food, China Town, Amritsari, Dosa Plaza etc.

The mall is cozy to roam even on Sunday and you won’t see it over-crowded (unless there is some event) as you see in GIP Noida or Shipra Mall etc. The best time to visit here is on Sunday as you will see lots of good crowd and activity.

You can check for more of my food experiences at different food joints

My visit to KINGDOM OF DREAMS: A Cultural and Food Hub in Gurgaon

There is another Kingdom in Gurgaon in NCR, Delhi called the “Kingdom of Dreams”. It is considered to be India’s first live entertainment, theatre and leisure destination sprawled across 6 acres of land with castle-type structures that houses two auditoriums, the Nautanki Mahal and the Showshaa theatre as well as the Culture Gully, which is a cultural and cuisine area.

The Great Indian Nautanki Company, which is jointly owned by Wizcraft International Entertainment and Apra Group  are the brains behind This lavish and surreal project .

The Nautanki Mahal is an extravagant, 835-seat auditorium that stages both Indian and international theatrical productions. Zangoora -The Gypsy Prince was the first live and original Bollywood musical performed there. It boasts of state-of-the art production equipments that makes the theater experience look and sound more magical.

Kingdom of dreams: a cultural and food hub that brings to life and harmonises the distinct features of the 14 states of India, not only in aesthetic concept but in gastronomic surprises as well. The Culture Gully is a boulevard with state pavilions that showcases the food, arts and crafts and architecture of each state represented.  street performances, artisans, massage centers, mystic shops and lounge bars – Kerela and Mehkhana Bar- are also found in the Culture Gully. The 500 Rs entry fee for each person comes with a card system, wherein you have to consume that 500 Rs worth for food so the entrance fee can be waived for free. But it does carry forward to your next visit the remaining amount if you are not able to consume the entire amount at your first visit. Nevertheless, my stay at the Kingdom of Dreams surely made my senses all awake and excited from the visuals and music apart from the delectable offerings that are a definite must-try! I lost track of time and became too absorbed with the festival-like atmosphere and presence of entertainment characters in the area.

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As a colourful marquee spans over the 350-seater amphitheatre, the Showshaa Theater has phenomenal productions highlighting the Indian mythology, impressive circus skills and they even stage a mock lavish wedding show! The costumes and props look so grand and the actors and actresses’ performance are indeed astounding.

Behold the spectacle that awaits you when you visit the Kingdom of Dreams. This is truly one culture and leisure place that we can’t afford to miss! This is actually a great place to treat family and friends and it’s like being all over India in a day. I’m truly glad that I checked this place out myself as it left me in a state of enchantment. Better see this place yourself and hopefully it won’t leave you too speechless.

Light Decoration at Shipra Mall, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad


I gave a visit to Shipra Mall, one of the beautiful Malls of Delhi-NCR, to meet one of my oldest friends in Indirapuram. I was coming from Gurgaon, which was too arduous for me to gave 2 hours and visit this other side of Delhi-NCR. And I should say that I am happy to see the space and beauty of this mall as compared to all other malls in Delhi-NCR. I can say that it can be one of the top 3 malls to visit.

I also found this two light decoration at the entrance of its two gates. I clicked both of them with mobile. I will share you more pictures of this mall in coming blogs.

So if anytime you get the chance to visit east side of Delhi, you can visit here and can spend good time for hours at Shipra Mall in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad.