Participate & Support the Guitar~Veena II

Friends, Music has been my profession and my means of success, survival for the last two decades. I have been persistent in making music and I will keep on doing so.

My this project is to represent India’s Guitar to international level. I bring this Guitar~Veena series under crowd-participation initiative and seek you support for it’s success. So help me to give this to you in return. 

Guitar & Mohan Veena Duet II

It is one of the rarest, never before, musical duet (Jugalbandi) series between two unique instruments, the Mohan-Veena and the Western Spanish Guitar, by two musicians Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and myself

To bring up Solo Guitar and represent India’s Guitar Internationally

Friends, Almost 15 years ago I first saw Pandit-ji at Hotel Asian International, Janpath, New Delhi (India). I was a budding guitarist then and had a parallel PR Job @ the same hotel. I never ever thought in my life that I would play with him a day or ever meet him again but it happened this year 2016. As it’s said ‘Life mei Kuch bhi ho sakta hai’ (anything is possible in life). And we are making the best use of this opportunity

Grammy Winner Pt VM Bhatt is the role model and face of Guitar in India. And it’s unfortunate that except him, we have none other solo performing guitarist in our country known worldwide. Most other successful guitarist be it Ehsaan, Bhupendera etc are either part of Bollywood and Band and rest are anonymous assistant to singers.

We all look up pandit ji to address and repesent India as he is the only solo guitarist living legend. It is his class, the standard, the life-style that inspire and build confidence in guitarist in India.

Why Crowd Funding for Guitar-Veena

Friends, I am not wrong if I have to say about Cricket in contrast to other Sports in India and thus our outcome in Olympics. Bollywood, Singing (reality shows) & Copycat approach have done same to Guitar and other instruments in Music in India. I am no way criticizing, I only say it because it mentions that Solo Guitarist domain is yet to be evolved and supported in our country and hopefully it will evolve in coming times with growing Guitar Lovers around.

So Crowd-funding is our only way to back these milestone concepts and crowd participation is the way to motivate solo guitar in India. It’s only unless you do it.

We released the 1st Duet during World Guitar Day this year
and we are asking for the 2nd one from you
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Unitech Builder slammed by Supreme Court with Penalty or Jail

Supreme court today ordered real estate Group Unitech to pay 5 crores for delay in their project by Aug 5 2016 or go to Jail on ‘contempt of court’.

Those who only understand the language of beating cannot be counselled by words.

Thousands of buyers have suffered and at-last Supreme Court can only make it happen and nobody else.

It is shame to see that more than 50% of projects/flats are delayed by Builders. It also proves the unethical and illegal practice by these builders and “I don’t care” attitude.

33% of flats today are more than 2 years delayed. 22% are more than 1 year delayed.

My advise to all sufferers of Noida Extension, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, NH-24, Crossing Republik, Ghaziabad or anywhere else to escalate your application to Higher Authorities and Supreme Court and get the relief.

Builders Mafia Delhi NCR Supreme Court Order

Music for Hypertension and High Blood Pressure


Raga Ahir Bhairava is a morning raga, recommended time is between 6 to 9 am. However ragas are beneficial at any time of the day and is a pure subjective study. There are historic literature, practices and experiences that are connected to prevalence and perception about such ragas.

This Raga Ahir Bhairavs is been recommended as useful for  Hypertension, High Blood Pressure and helps in attaining peace, integration, compassion.

This Music is produced by – Guitarmonk Records from Album ‘Kaytosarg’, which is a therapeutic album series concept. ‘It is dedicated to create therapeutic, relaxation, healing and meditation music. The Sitarist who was called to perform in this album is Mr. Mohsin Ali Khan. Check out my detailed post on our effort for Kayotsarg album series >>.

For buying complete therapeutic album. Go to –…

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