Launched Sheet Music & Art Books Portal


It’s a great pleasure to share you that we launched our new vertical Abysm Books, a dedicated sheet music and art books online portal.

We used to manually network our books so far to publishers and to their distribution networks and were thinking to create an online resource.

This platform will create lot of opportunities for diversified needs in music including platform for authors.

Sheet Music & Art Books Website




Evolution of Music – ICT Academy Government of Tamil Nadu

Hi Friends,

Wrote for ICT Academy, Government of Tamil Nadu magazine, an initiative by Government of India.

The topic was on ‘Evolution of Music Education’ in India. I spent some good time around 4 days in writing this story, recollected all my past experiences of growing up in 80’s – 90’s and this story is my one of the longest and effort-full write-ups on music so far.

Got the prints today so here the story screen shots, looking forward to hear your reviews.

ICT Academy Evolution of Music

ICT Academy Tamil Nadu Government Music

Travel and Musings by Kapil Srivastava

of wanderlust and nostalgia

Kapil Srivastava, also known as the Guitarmonk, has been traversing myriad trails of India. As he captures breath taking sceneries, solemn acts of devotion to Hindu gods as well as the festive atmosphere and mesmerizing culture while immersing and engaging his personhood to cultivate his own dreams and experiences, which  is now about to be shared to the world.

This travelogue is a compilation of Kapil’s more than a decade of  journeys that will guide you through the cities of Delhi, Nainital, Mussourie, Dehradun, SD Road Jollygrant, Mukteshwar, Agra, Puri, Vaishnodevi, Mathura & Vrindavan, Himachal, Kufri & Narkanda, Goa, Khajjar and Auli.  Kapil shares the remarkable nature and beauty of India through his observations, practical knowledge and photographs while he searches every nook and corner of each city  for real estate surveys or to set up a Guitarmonk venues to bring the guitar cheer to our countrymen. Find out more practical facts and discoveries from different destinations through Kapil’s perspective.

Be enthralled as we unravel the mysteries and anthropologies of our nation. Don’t be a stranger in our own land. Explore India and make memories for you to cherish and pass on to the future generations. Be proud of our own Indian heritage. As Henry Miller puts it, “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Kapil Srivastava

The travel guide series for travelers by Kapil Srivastava was made possible by Abysm Publishing. The series will launch its first issue post Diwali on Mussoorie Hill Station.


Mastery to Guitar Scales Volume One:  A must have for Guitar Learners

Mastery to Guitar Scales

This is a sixty-page book on the 48 scale routes to master all major scales of guitar. The guide book also serves as a forever exercise and practice routine activity for every guitarist be it intermediate or advanced. An in-depth discussion on guitar scales, being the basic foundation of understanding the art of guitaring and a step-by-step instructions on how to manoeuvre the 48 independent open string scale sequences in both ascending and descending, with different routes and fingering while keeping selection of open string notes as compulsory for each scale.

Mastery to Guitar Scales Volume One is a good start for every beginner to build up level of guitar scale in a professional way. Those who are in intermediate level can easily progress to advanced and continue to professional playing once good command in leads and comfort in delivery of tunes are achieved.

The book comes in both tabs and staff notation, 48 scale positions with practice chart, a video demo reference and a lot more and is reasonably priced at Rs. 495 for the print version (within India only).

Rudiments of Guitar – A complete book and guide for every guitarist

Dear friends,

Guitar is one of the most demanding instruments these days. Needless to say that for the young generation, this instrument is generally the instrument of priority for learning. The few basic reasons are its universality and capacity to adapt different styles of music besides being able to express both rhythms and leads variations.

In my journey of learning guitar, I came across several issues, obstacles that I found as the common problems of every guitar learner. These issues if remain unanswered; becomes the major building block towards improvisations and reaching to higher levels of learning.  The non-systematic approach is one of the root causes of lack of skills, lack of vision and inadequate growth of a guitar learner despite giving best efforts, time and money to the subject.

Why most guitar players fail to be experts because they don’t have a sound understanding on the principles of Guitar to take it forward and knowledge of its diversified concepts and the facts, logics that runs behind them. Every guitarist must know the universal perspective, tricks and formulas that make your guitar simple and easy to understand.

This is my reason to bring out this book as ‘Rudiments of Guitar’. From the very basics of guitar concepts as scales, octaves, chords and music fundamentals, it will teach you even the principles of applying chords behind any leads. The book comprises of 200+ illustrations, is a 164 pages life time guide for all guitar lovers.

It’s further enclosed with a private forum having exercises, tunes references for you.

To see excerpts or obtain the book click below


Love and Regards

Kapil Srivastava

Guitar Method and Curriculum books for beginners


After a long research, I and my team created the ideal standard parameter to test and grow your guitar. It’s a four level program, specialized in plectrum guitar. It exposes you to lots of capabilities and challenges on same.

The other part is repertoire, which is a combination of both Indian and Western music. The series is also published by leading publisher Unicorn Books.

Some other curriculum relative to the program is published and distributed by Guitarmonk Publishing. Guitarmonk curriculum and Guitar Method is now being learnt in 10+ countries and expanding due to its technical competence. The USP of this method is that it is not just a tune book, but a complete scientific way of teaching a student comprising of various other technical development modules and teacher training for teachers, along with a dedicated guitarmonk’s system to support the registered student.