Sound of DHOL @ Indian Wedding


Most Indian Wedding always have an exclusive percussion ceremony i.e. DANCE ON SOUND OF DHOL. I recently went to a marriage and recorded it for a minute for sharing it to you.

DHOL is big Drum with a very loud sound, played with sticks. The strong BASS and impact of this instrument is so wild that it intoxicates everyone who is nearby it. Actually it will steal your ability to think when it bangs on your head.

This is one reason that in Indian marriages, after having some drinks, people love to dance for hour or so on DHOL and it gives them lot of joy and release.



Marriage Season of December in Delhi City

December is a season of marriages in Delhi and Indian marriages are full of prolong celebrations, rituals, which makes it look like a fantasy and dream achievement for many bride and grooms. And this become one good reason for investors to invest on marriage business.

Few days you have more than 10000 marriages happening on just single day in Delhi city, where each marriage costing millions of rupees. At the same time you can see many advertisements in TV are centered around marriage celebrations.

I chose to attend two marriages on the day this season. And enjoyed the diversified concepts of decoration and food variety. It also gave me set of new ideas to implement in future.

Here are some of the mobile clicks of same.

Awesome weather @ Noida Sector 18 at Rakhi Weekend

182_Rain Click @ Noida Sec 18 today
Visited to Noida Sector 18 Atta Market today and had an awesome weather there.

Women adoring Mehandi on their arms besides the McD corner under a big umbrella.. and drops of rain falling, shining and twinkling making it a gorgeous night..

Clicked this pic with my mobile to share with you.

Love and Regards


A surprise honor with Samsung Galaxy Grand


I was honored by a surprise gift of Samsung Galaxy Grand by the team of Employees Engagement @ a ceremony today Thanks to Sanjeev, Gulshan, Tarun, Sneha and other team members for same. Lovely Gift.


Samsung Galaxy Grand

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