Best Dosa in Delhi – South Indian Eatery | Chidambaram Restaurant Lodhi Road


As I pledged to inform you about the best of DOSA restaurants in Delhi, I am continuing my series and today I am sharing you this noteworthy Indian eatery named Chidambaram at South-Central Delhi.

This is one of the unique South Indian specialty restaurants based in Khanna Market, Lodhi Colony. Here you will have many varieties of DOSA along with a special hot drink known as ‘RASAM’ at the start. We can have this drink absolutely free as many times as we want. You won’t find Rasam everywhere so it’s a unique feature of this restaurant.

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Now, the other distinctive quality of this restaurant is its uncommon ‘3 in 1’ piece or ‘5 in 1’ delicacy. It means we can enjoy 3/5 varieties or taste, not in one order or plate, but in same piece. This is the second exceptional thing I enjoyed here along with Rasam. (Attached pictures)

3/5 in 1 pieces usually comprise of Coconut, Potato or Mix veg and Paneer, is available for both Uttapam and Dosa, so one can have 3/5 flavors instead of one same snack.

In my last posts I discussed about Priyanshi South Indian Restaurant at Laxmi Nagar and Kuttys at V3s Mall for good quality Dosa. This restaurant Chidambaram is also one of its kind experience and economical too.

I can’t rank anyone above or below, it’s about the mood and flavor I want at given point of time. But one point I want to mention that Chidambaram gives you more quantity along with Rasam etc.

I also discussed about one DOSA food joint at Noida Brahmaputra Market i.e. ‘Laxmi Dhaba’. It is also very popular and good one at Noida.

Lastly, I always take one sweet ‘KESARI’ at the end, which is also a South Indian specialty. I will share more about my favourite Dosas in Delhi as soon as I get time. Take Care!



Delhi’s Best Dosas in Making | Priyanshi Laxmi Nagar


Dosa has remained my favorite vegetarian food even before I was 5 years old. I have observed paying as low as Rs. 3 for the Dosa in my childhood to now paying Rs. 60 to 100 for a Masala Dosa

Dosa is basically a South Indian Food but one of the most popular dish all across India and the Indian subcontinent. It is something that I used to have daily whenever I travel Goa because it’s tough to find a true north Indian food there. It’s my experience that when all other foods are not upto the mark, I always look for Dosa because it’s primary ingredient is potato, which you can vouch for. It is also a very sufficient sized meal at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Dosa is a kind of pancake made from a fermented batter. Its main ingredients are rice and urad beans. It is served hot with Sāmbhar and 3-4 types of chutneys. There are several types of Dosa and one of my friends told me that there are more than 50 kinds of Dosa. I have tried plain/paper dosa, masala, set dosa, 3 in 1 dosa, paper masala, rawa dosa etc. but my favorite is Masala Dosa.

Although there are thousands of Dosa provider in Delhi and I have tried infinite of them yet there are very few that can give you real fragrance and experience. I will share you the best ones I like, who makes millions by selling Dosa.

This video is one of PRIYANSHI South Indian at Laxmi Nagar >>

Nearby Priyanshi is Littiwala, which is also nice and just few 100 meters away is KUTTY’S at V3s Mall. It has an amazing Paper Dosa variety that often try.

I will share more info on Dosa as soon as I get chance to capture them.

Love and Regards

Awesome Food at Pacific Mall, Anand Vihar

Well this is one of the hidden malls most of Delhi residents would never prefer to visit considering its location at the outskirts of Delhi i.e. Anand Vihar. But pacific mall is worth a facility to roam around and among the best food courts than any other malls of Delhi.

You can go to the best located malls of Delhi as in Raja Garden etc. but the food court will be disappointing in most of the malls but Pacific Mall food court is an exception. I say it with full responsibility that it is comparatively among top 3 as compared to any other malls of Delhi-NCR be it Shipra Mall. I mean it when I am making this statement. This Mall may not be counted in Delhi List due to its poor location but it is one of the best taste, variety food courts you will find in Malls. If it comes to eating at a food court in a mall, I will definitely say let’s go PACIFIC MALL.

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I have been eating here on and off for last 5 years now and so far I am satisfied with the taste and quality of brands. I never mind taking my family for a lunch here which I hardly do at any other malls of Delhi. One more reason is that most of food joints at this food court are stable since last many years as Fastrax, Pizza hut, Bikano besides some other good taste restaurants as Lucknow Food, China Town, Amritsari, Dosa Plaza etc.

The mall is cozy to roam even on Sunday and you won’t see it over-crowded (unless there is some event) as you see in GIP Noida or Shipra Mall etc. The best time to visit here is on Sunday as you will see lots of good crowd and activity.

You can check for more of my food experiences at different food joints

My visit to Lhasa Tibetan Restaurant Dehradun

As you go closer towards Mussoorie through Rajpur, Sahastradhara Road, you will be amazed to see a prosperous Tibetan community, lots of monks, monasteries, libraries, universities and restaurants etc. These Tibetans are well-woven in the fabric of Uttarakhand, Dehradun in India and have further made it more colorful, spiritual and beautiful.

One of the many reasons I am proud of my country India is that my mother nation is capable to adore every culture & community. A famous ancient Hindu quote says “atithi devo bhava” which means that ‘the guest is equivalent to God” and no matter how low would politics go, love and acceptance is inherent in our roots. Tibetans are no longer refugees in India but part of it and practice their religion with freedom and pride.

I got very excited and curious to learn and feel the world of monks and stopped at one of the Tibetan Restaurant named as ‘Lhasa Restaurant’. Lhasa is the administrative capital of Tibet in China and here it is one of the best restaurants for Tibetan Food. I also wrote a lot of other restaurants at my ‘I am a foodie’ category

Here I ate lot of varieties of dishes with my mother as Kothay Momos, Veg and Cheese Momos, Singapuri Chowmein, Pan Cake with Tea. I tried one more specialized Chinese food restaurant chains in Delhi but I found a lot of variety here, which was quite good.

I will be visiting some library and a university in coming few days to explore more of Tibetan community. I took some snaps for sharing them with you. You can stop at here at Lhasa to eat something if you are ever visiting Mussoorie.

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Taste Drive – A creative food joint at Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

Well this is not a real car, this is something I found when I drove down to west Delhi and discovered a new taste of various Kathi Rolls at a new food chain.

This is a brand stating itself as ‘Taste Drive’ and available in many of the adjacent malls near Rajouri Garden Metro Station also known as Raja Garden Metro Station. I went there 4-5 times and tried it every-time and thus got motivated to write and share something about it to you.

Although this is not a very extraordinary taste If I compare it to rolls by Karim’s restaurant i.e. Karim’s Roll, Nazeer’s Taka Tak, Khan Chacha’s Roll, Nizam’s Kathi Kabab or even Lacha Parantha Roll that I have in Ghaziabad and even Amritsari Rolls that I often try in Indirapuram, yet it is now one of my most favorite taste at Raja Garden. I also want to mention one other Kathi Roll that I always try whenever I go to ‘Ramkrishna Mission’ Delhi, which is much more delicious than this.

The uniqueness of Taste Drive food joint among all is due to its overall ambiance, presentation and position of creative car-shaped-Kitchen shop, which enhances the overall experience of tasting this role surrounded by colorful people and ambiance. They also have varieties of Rolls with different tastes both in veg and non-veg, which is their USP, and that too at an economical price of less than Rs. 100. They will offer you this role in a proper thick branding cup-shaped cover so as you can eat it comfortably.

One other value to experience at Taste Drive is that you will get the same happy, celebrating feeling as you often see in McDonalds, with many young kids, families buying and eating along. The best experience is to taste it at eve and you will be accompanied by lots of good crowd. You will find people sitting on pavement, floor or walking casually and enjoying this food. And I find it a very lively and healthier experience as it creates a state of mind, a psychology that helps to enhance your experience at this food-joint. Lastly they are all located inside the malls at a good pollution free location, less dust prone and thus more hygienic.

If you ever feel to go there and try it, you can find this Taste Drive Car-shaped food joint at TDI Mall, Westend Mall and City Square Mall near metro station.

Tunday Kababi at Windsor Market, Indirapuram Ghaziabad


As I am foodie, I got a specialty food joint in Delhi where-in you can enjoy a unique dish known as Tunday Kababi. So far I am very happy with its taste at this food joint, which is Windsor Street Market in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. It is just few meters ahead of road of Aditya Mega Mall facing Rajhans Plaza Complex.

This Windsor Market is famous for various kabab’s food joints and you will see hundreds of people eating there at the same time in open every other evening. It is surrounded by residential apartments and good density of population, near to Shipra Mall. I was amazed to find that this market specialty is Tunday Kababi whereas you will not find this dish so often in all other big markets of Delhi-NCR. Here are few mobile clicks of my visit to Windsor market in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

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This dish is said to be part of Awadhi cuisine (techniques of Mughalai food) and said to incorporate 160 spices Ingredients and the basic ones are melted ghee, onions, sugar, onion, crushed garlic, cardamom, clovers, yogurt, vinegar, lime, meat and various other masalas etc.  It is a unique dish and flavour made out of minced meat, which basically got popular in Lucknow city of Uttar Pradesh as there is a 100 years old restaurant of Tunday Kabab in Chowk.

If you ever get chance to eat this, you can try it and you will enjoy a new fragrance and flavor in it.

My father’s special Mathi and Besan ki Barfi


Every year my father loves to be in Kitchen and make his two most delicious recipes as Mathi, and Besan ki Barfi during Diwali.  One is a namkeen while other is a sweet.

This Diwali he also takes out his time and solely prepares both of them. I love them both, primarily the first one and wish to learn this talent and apply it. Here is a mobile shot of both food by my father.

Diwali Food Mathi & Besan Ki Barfi